Understanding Tantric Sex and Sensual Massage Techniques

Have you been looking for the best massage around? Don’t look anymore as Tantra is everything you’ve been looking for. If you are hearing the word Tantra for the first time, let me take to a journey and introduce it to you. Tantra was established in India more than 5000 years ago and takes care of your body needs more than your mind, where it focuses on sensual energy distribution and can aid sexual dysfunction. During Tantra, the person getting the massage is referred to as receiver while the person doing the massage is called the giver. At the onset of massage, the receiver lies on a flat material more specially the pillow, while the giver takes the wheel to take the receiver on a sensational journey. While lying down, the receiver is naked and his or her genitals are exposed. The first thing that the receiver does is to take a deep relaxed breathing to prepare the mind for a full relaxation. The receiver is reminded to breathe at intervals even as the giver applies the massage oil.

What men should expect

During a massage, the most sensitive areas in a man are targeted. Some of these areas include the g-spot, perineum, pubic bone, testicles, scrotum, and the penis. Massage his entire body to ensure that he is relaxed. Then proceed to his penis and take as much time as possible. Lift his cock with one hand and use the other hand to gently massage his testicles. Move the hand from the testicles to the shaft and then rest on the head to trigger his nerves. If you realize that he wants to ejaculate, hold on and massage other areas. Reaching his g-spot will have double advantage as you will control his ejaculation and at the same time expand his orgasm. The motive here is to be gentle and do it slowly for good feelings and radiation of energy.

What women should expect

For a woman, the objective here is to give her the best massage. Ensure that she takes a deep relaxed breathing and make her lie on a flat material. Start with her bare breast; massage the fatty area and the nipples gently. Move slowly to the belly and then to the pubic zone. However, avoid the vulva area as much as you can because she can get aroused. Continue massaging her up to the toes and observe her reaction. Observe her sexual energy distribution keeping in mind that the distribution gives her life and makes tantric enjoyable.

Tantric sex is an out of the world practice; it is you enjoyable and lively. In addition to that, it makes men last longer during sex and restores satisfaction and full orgasm in women. Love making incites the best feeling in both partners and doing it for a longer time makes both of them happy. For that case, connect sexual pleasure with love as it runs down your heart, concentrate on your partner and look at them for a while as you feel that awesome stimulation. When you are ready for the act, hold your partner tight and feel the energy as it flows from every part of your body. Focus on your partner and enjoy the penetration and don’t hurry anything up; good sex is all about being still and enjoying your partner’s genitals.

Sports Massage and Remedial Therapy

There is almost no one who hasn’t got injured while playing a sports or game in their childhood. Even high functioning professional athletes are not immune to getting injured in the course of their play or training. The injury may happen due to both external and internal factors. External factors may be like getting kicked too hard, getting hit by a ball or malfunction of sports apparatus. Internal factors may include issues like an incorrect alignment of the bones while in motion or putting undue pressure on the limbs. Sports injuries are very painful and often take a very long time to heal. This is especially true for professional athletes, because they have rigorous regimes to face, and in order to stay on top of their games, they cannot afford to be injured all the time. Nor can they have scenarios where old injuries keep acting up or that the pain refuses to go away.

Massage Therapy

Therapist massaging back

Massage therapy is a great way to destress and relax and also a useful addition to the chiropractic treatment you may be undergoing. While chiropractic care involves techniques like spinal manipulations and passive motions, nothing beats the full body calming effect that massage therapy brings about. When you are dealing with pain, chiropractic physicians can suggest you a specialized massage therapy for better relief from your agony. Massage therapy as a part of the healing process your therapist employs massage therapy as a vital addition to the overall recovery process. He assigns highly trained massage therapists in his clinic who are highly trained and license holders under the state laws. The massage can be very useful in treating musculoskeletal problems, back problems, and neck problems. These issues respond very well to massage therapy and make way for a successful recovery.


How does Massage Therapy Work?

During a session of massage therapy, a skilled therapist will be assigned to a patient. The therapist will then manually work on your muscles and will reach out to deep seated tissues with targeted movements. Massage therapy enhances the soft tissues, improves blood circulation, helps the spine to relax and with its hands on approach, prevents the formation of wear tracks in the muscles. A good doctor supplements his treatment with massage therapy because it helps to calm down the nerves of the patient and eases out the soreness of the muscles. In this relaxed state, a patient is more likely to respond to treatment. Combining it with chiropractic care with the help of professional therapists, patients recover at a much faster rate. Massage therapy revitalizes the body and makes it more adept towards its own repair and regeneration. Moreover, by employing the use of massage therapy prior to the chiropractic care, your therapist helps to leverage the benefits of treatment techniques like spinal manipulation, exercise, and rehabilitation. It makes sense because massage therapy turns the body movements more fluid beforehand and the treatment becomes more effective. Specific massage techniques help in increasing the blood flow and making for a great result. The compression stroke, for instance, is a popular massage technique employed today.