Massage Therapy For Arthritis

Arthritis is a very common condition which affects every single individual regardless their gender, age or ethnicity. There are different types of treatment that a patient can decide to use, which includes a massage therapy. Massage therapy can be used as a pain relieving treatment although it cannot stop or cure arthritis progression on the patient.

Although massage therapy cannot cure arthritis, it has some great benefits for individuals who have arthritis.

Some of these benefits are:

· It helps to reduce pain and stress.

Pain greatly affects patients with arthritis. However, it is important to note that most of the pain experienced by a person who has arthritis, is not usually from arthritis, instead it mostly comes from the fixated joints and muscle tension.

Massage helps to increase the production of endorphin which helps to reduce pain, which explains why massage is very effective in reducing pain.

Stress would make it harder for a person who has arthritis to be able to manage their symptoms. Therefore, an individual should try massage therapy to reduce stress.

· Improve a person’s flexibility and joint mobility.

This would lessen discomfort and enhance a better functioning of the joints.

· It helps increase blood circulation.

Increasing the blood circulation around the joint would help to reduce inflammation in a person with arthritis. Inflammation usually involves swelling, redness, pain and heat.

Increased blood circulation in the body would result to necessary nutrients and oxygen to move to the different parts of the body, including the joints hence reducing inflammation, help rebuild the joint tissues and clear lactic acid and some other waste products, that can impair the muscle and joint movement. However, massage therapy should not be done when the inflammation is severe.

· It helps to mitigate stiffness.

Massage therapy is generally considered as a safe and an effective procedure since it does not pose any risks to a person who has arthritis. A patient can only experience side effects if they are sensitive or allergic to the massage oils.

There are different types of massage therapy which serves the various needs of a person who has arthritis. The following are some types of massages that maybe used on a patient suffering from arthritis:

1. Swedish massage.

Swedish massage is mostly aimed at improving blood circulation, reduce stiffness in the joints and muscles, reduce anxiety and also reduce soreness in the joints.

It is done in circular movements and also uses long fluid strokes to the muscles and the tissue. This type of massage uses five basic strokes which are:

· Petrissage – the kneading of muscles.

· Tapotement – this is rhythmic tapping of the fingers or the knuckles against the skin.

· Effleurage – involves gliding or sliding hands across the skin.

· Friction – moving across fibers.

· Vibration or shaking the body.

2. Deep tissue massage.

This type of massage is almost similar to Swedish massage, although in deep tissue massage the techniques used target the knots and help to release the chronic muscle tension, by focusing on just the deepest layers of muscle.

3. Lymphatic massage.

This massage is usually very good for patients with arthritis since, it helps to drain excess lymphatic fluid into the bloodstream by using light pattern strokes. People with arthritis usually have excess fluid due to the process of inflammation.

In conclusion, according to research, regular massage has seen to help patients with arthritis to bring relief which lasts even much longer compared to other medications.

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