Top Massage Techniques Explained

Massage provides a soothing relief to your body, away from the stress induced life that a person is prone to live today. Massage is of many varieties based on the country of origin, and developments over the years, some of them have been explained below.

Thai Massage

This is known as the most intense type of massage therapy, also know as the ” yoga for the inert”, as the therapists imitate yoga postures to target and rejuvenate all the variegated parts of the body. The pressure in different variations is applied on your muscles and joints to loosen them.

Swedish massage

The most recognizable type of massage could be given either by an expert practitioner or an enthusiast, it involves some standard motions of the hands over the body to create a soothing and reveling environment for the body. It could be either one or a combination of effleurage ( long sweeping motions across the body ), petrissage ( Muscle kneading and rolling ), deep pressure application on muscle to hit the tissues and tapping utilizing knuckles to target some body parts.

Shiatsu massage

An ancient massage form from japan, literal transliteration of the word ” finger pressure”, the name is quite suggestive in that the edges of the fingers are used to target the pressure points, as a means to check the imbalances in the flow of energy across the body.

Athletes massage

It is a combination of Swedish, shiatsu and other forms of massage, and as is suggestive from the name, is used on athletes to soothe the pain induced due to intense exercise, or to prepare them for upcoming competitions.

Hot stone massage

Is the type of massage for people who want a relaxing and calm experience, this involves putting heated flat stones at various points on your body, and either a mild pressure or no pressure at all from the therapist. This is considered as amongst the most calming way of receiving massage induced therapy.

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