Our Registered Massage Therapists are all professionally trained to provide you with quality care that will improve your health and well being. Each treatment is completely personalized to meet your needs assisting in rehabilitation, promote recovery and help reduce stress. At Vancouver Massage Therapy we offer additional holistic services including reflexology treatments, hot stone massages, traditional Thai massages and Reiki therapy.

Vancouver Massage Therapy features private showers in all of it’s treatments rooms, as well as complimentary Steam Rooms in each of the washrooms. Our guests also have access to a pool and hot tub which is located immediately next to the spa.


Signature Massage | 30 minutes $70 | 45 minutes $85 | 60 minutes $95

A deep tissue therapeutic Swedish relaxation massage that increases circulation and well-being to the body, mind and soul. You will feel tension released to restore muscle integrity as well as overall body balance.


Reflexology | 50 minutes

This treatment is based on the theory that points on the bottom of the feet are energetically connected to specific areas of the body. By stimulating these points, the corresponding body parts are benefited. Reflexology neutralizes the effects of stress by inducing a deep state of relaxation that calms the nervous system and allows the body to achieve a state of equilibrium.


Top to Toe | 50 minutes | $105

This amazing experience combines a head and neck massage with a foot and lower leg massage.


Hot Stone Massage Therapy | 60 minutes | $125

Receive a unique massage that utilizes warm, oiled stones to align and harmonize the chakras of the body. Essential oils that correspond with each chakra are used to penetrate deep into the body and induce a profound state of relaxation and well-being. Because of the heat of the stones, less pressure is needed and a meditative state is often achieved early in the session. This treatment is also recommended as an accompaniment to our deep tissue massage based on the deep penetrating effect of warm stones.


Deep Tissue Massage | 60 minutes | $95

Customized to suit your needs. Allow your therapist to target your muscles, tendons and ligaments while striving to release tension in overstressed areas. The many benefits of this massage include the alleviation of minor aches and pain, reduced body stiffness, decreased anxiety and restful sleep.


Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage | 30 minutes | 45 minutes

This streamlined session focuses on relieving discomfort and is designed for relaxing, calming and releasing muscular tension as well as facilitating the flow of vital energy.


Pregnancy/postnatal Massage | 60 minutes

Designed specifically for expectant moms. Massage during pregnancy can help improve circulation, relieve headaches and tension. A massage can also soothe aching muscles and decrease stress and swelling.


Thai Massage (non-oil) | 60 minutes

The objective of a full session is to restore balance in your body and mind through many different techniques that include pressure points and general pressure, as well as stretching exercises using hands, feet and elbows. This technique releases muscular tension, increases blood flow, stimulates endorphins, and boosts the immune system. Please wear loose fitting clothing. This massage is performed on a cushioned mat on the floor.